Brittany’s Quick Fat-Loss Tip


Before the excuses start piling up, keep yourself accountable and track your progress with a fitness journal! Whether you’re training for a marathon, competition, on a fat-loss journey, or simply trying to keep track of your workouts, there are plenty of benefits of keeping a fitness journal. 

Discipline and consistency are key components in the achievement of any worthwhile goal. Looking out for #1 (that’s YOU!) should always be a top priority.

A great way to compare what you’ve done in the past to what you’re doing today.  Use your fitness journal as the motivational fuel to keep at it, or make any changes needed to achieve better results for your future wellness success.

Determining your goals will help you in deciding what kinds of metrics you want to keep track of and the best ways to keep you focused on your journey.

What goes into the journal/tracker?

  • Record date/time
  • Current body weight
  • Food/calorie intake
  • Workout or training method
  • Mood

Here are a few additional details you can include:

  • Sleep duration
  • Progress photos
  • Recipes
  • Fitness goals/targets
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Personal achievements
  • Articles/blog posts/etc that you can reference

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